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Wildflower Meadow for Eagle Field

A wild flower meadow is taking shape on part of the fenced area on Eagle Field. Part of the Community Orchard has been set aside to recreate the flower meadows of the past. It is separated from the rest of the orchard by a barrier formed from prunings from the old apple trees to ensure it is not mown by mistake. This barrier will itself be a refuge for beetles and other wildlife.

Within this area, four rectangles have been marked out and specially treated to create the conditions wildflowers prefer. In mid April a number of perennial wild flowers were planted in the marked areas and we hope they will thrive in this unimproved field over the summer. Among the species planted are Cowslip, Knapweed, Birdís-foot Trefoil, Red Campion and Red Clover. The planted areas will not be cut until the autumn, when we hope to sow wildflower seeds for next year.

The idea for a wildflower meadow came from a resident of the village and has been implemented by the Parish Council as part of its plans for the community orchard, acting on advice from Essex Biodiversity.

You are welcome to enter the orchard and enjoy it as a shared facility for the village. Please donít leave litter, allow your dogs into the fenced area or walk on the marked-out areas.

Swan Pond restoration

Swan Pond has now undergone restoration work.
See the slideshow of images taken while the Swan Pond was under restoration.

Council Tax Bandings

I was asked recently what action a householder in the village can take if they feel that their property is in the wrong Council Tax banding. Such bandings are assigned by the Valuation Office in Chelmsford which is part of the Inland Revenue.

If you feel that the banding for your property may be incorrect an appeal can be lodged with: -

The Listing Officer
Valuation Office Agency
London House
New London Road
Essex CM2 0QL

Tel: 01245 541200

Derek Munro Parish Clerk